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Joseph Flying Bye -
Putting the Moccasins Back On (Walking the Red Road to Another Life)
We currently in the middle of production for the third Joe Flying Bye recording with an anticpated release date of July 1, 2014, and only taking inquiries for new projects via email at this time.

If you have a native elder in your community that you believe needs to be recorded to preserve your tribal cultural history and spiritual knowledge please send an email to: or submit a homemade recording that would represent the type of material to be preserved and mail it to:
Center Records 7809 Southtown Ctr. #382 Minneapolis, MN 55431.

Joseph Flying Bye’s most recent release, Putting the Moccasins Back On – Walking the Red Road to Another Life, is the third release in the series put out on Center Records. In this recording, he begins by singing a spirit calling song to bring in his direct ancestor, Flying Running, also known as Wi Ihanble (Sun Dreamer). Wi Ihanble was a well known holy man and sundance leader of the Hunkpapa nation many generations ago, and was also mentioned by the Lakota holy men who were interviewed and recorded by Frances Densmore in the early 1900’s. Joseph Flying Bye opens up his voice to let his grandfather speak through him, and to share two of the opening songs of the sundance ceremony which are sung each morning, just as the sun is coming up at the horizon, bringing light into the world. In this recording, Joseph Flying Bye speaks first in Lakota and then in English, explaining what he or his grandfather had just said. Song lyrics are also included in both Lakota and English in the CD liner notes.