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Hau Kola, Kangi Ho Tanka-Joseph Flying Bye

(Hello Friend, Crow With A Loud Voice-Joseph Flying Bye)

Lakota Ceremonial Pipe Songs and the teachings that go with them recorded by a respected elder and tradional Lakota medicine man: Joseph Flying Bye. Click this link to view our home page.

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Message received May 2, 2016

Hi -- was looking for a CD that has the house ceremony songs  (Lowampi) and found this site--really need the lowampi songs done--need to listen to them over and over to get the words--I am part of the Red Shirt South Dakota inipi group. Hope he does these songs as well---Later

Kavin - Pine Ridge

Message received September 2, 2015
Hi, are you still selling grandpa Joe’s recordings?  Please respond.  I would like to purchase some.  Grandpa Joe was awesome.  I picked him up on the road one day he was hitchhiking.  He’s been gone a long time, and I just found this website.  It brought me to tears.  I grew up on the Standing Rock Reservation.


Albuquerque, NM

Message received January 25, 2015

Greetings, I have ordered other cds in the past and appreciate learning some of the Lakota teachings. 

Lisa :)

Message received January 15, 2015


I've just purchased and downloaded the recording in the below email confirmation (Joseph Flying Bye, Putting the Moccasins Back On: Walking the Red Road to Another Life) and I'd like to request the free PDF of the accompanying booklet.

Thank you!!

Message received December 17, 2014
Just wanted to say again how glad I am to have found the CD for pipe songs - the night is sacred.
Inspiring and much needed on my own Lakota path. All peace and blessings. MItakuye oyasin!

chris laro

Message received November 22, 2014



Message received July 30, 2014

I wish I could of met him. I guess I was to young to remember him, but he was one my fathers mentors. Joe came to our spotted eagle sundance years ago. Although I haven't met him properly, I feel these teachings. Being brought up in this way and taking it for granted because it was an everyday life for me, now with the help of this project it is helping me find out why I'm here. Pidamaya


Message received April 25, 2014

Hello and blessings to you, I bought these two CD's a few years ago. At this point I have learned two of them. Each one I have spent many hours trying to understand. Each time I sing or listen to them being sung I feel filled with the Great Spirit. Thank you friends for doing this it needed to be done despite any negative native opposition. Our divine orders are superior to any man's opinion. Keep these coming the right people will receive them and will pass the teachings on in a sacred way. Those who have bad intentions for these songs will be stopped one way or another by the ancestors. I am a native Honduran man and unfortunately my people have lost their language to the Spanish conquistadors. Lakota Oyate while severely weakened still has strong medicine. I keep the traditions going here in NYC, if I can help your projects let me know, I certainly will. In lak esh
Tom De Lacy


Message received January 2, 2014


Greetings, I work for a Pueblo in New Mexico and have friends from South Dakota. I googled Lakota teachings and your site pulled up. After reading the content and the quality of purpose, I placed the order in support. Also, to share with my community of friends from South Dakota.

Respectfully, Lisa

Message received December 1, 2013

Hello to the folks on the Red Road. I am not native by descent however I have a particular pension for the music and sounds created out of various tribes. As an avid listener I wanted to take a moment to say thanks for your site and I enjoyed my visit here today… Good luck in all of your future endeavors. 



Dave Lambert

Dave Lambert & The Motivators

Message received October 3, 2013

What keyword led me to your site?  Seriously, it was Creator.  I woke from dreaming.  Couldn't fall back to sleep right away, so started googling around.  I remember looking at the Google Images site and saw a "four winds" style chanupa, which I had never heard of, so I started googling "four winds" and "chanupa" to try to learn something about it - then I came to your site, and knew I needed to order Josheph Flying Bye's CDs - so did.
Thank you for what you make available to people.  
All my relations,

Message received August 21, 2013

I'm really looking forward to Joseph Flying Bye's CD. I have CDs and a workbook on the Lakota language and sloooowly trying to learn the language.  Lakota speaking is like music to my ears and Joseph Flying Byes voice is so soothing. Just a note - I'm looking into adopting (figuratively speaking) a Lakota elder at Pine Ridge Reservation.  I don't have much but am willing to share what I can, sending a little money, care packages of some food and new clothing (especially for the Winter to keep warm), maybe you could pass that on to others.  If each one of us helped just one Lakota, we could all help them even if a little.  The government isn't doing a darn thing and that's just wrong.  So, if you will please pass the idea on, perhaps there's other who feel as I do.
Have a wonderful day!

Message received April 4, 2013

I am looking forward to your next project of his recordings. Is it possible to play a short exerpt from one of your recordings? I would very much like to use it for a presentation to our national conference of children's advocates. I would appreciate any information you might have on how to go about this. Thanks!

Michael - Seattle, Washington

Message received January 25, 2013

thank you for all the wise words that i found on the web site,
i am trying to walk and live troughout the red way,,
its not easy for a man from the western of Europe, I'm holding on ,and i'm strong and have a great will to learn.
Jacco (the netherlands)


Message received September 12, 2012

I gratefully appreciate your communication in letting me know when the CD's will be sent. I am looking forward to receiving them and listening to the words of wisdom from Joseph Flying Bye

Wopila, Wado

Message received April 25, 2012

When I saw Joseph's face I felt an instant recognition, and when I heard his voice on the sample I just had one of those, "Oh, it's you, tunkasila," moments, and ordered it. 

Thank you for making his wisdom available. It's a good thing. 


Message received February 14, 2012

I enjoy the cd, I've always enjoyed Sioux stories, I'm an Athabascan, Blackfeet, White, and many others with a Sioux ancestor. I really did enjoy the cd, thank you and keep it up!


Message sent January 1, 2012

Your music is inspiring. Gary
Sent from my iPad

Message received October 26, 2011

 Hi, I'm responding to this old message (below) from your website. I found this beautiful article in some old papers of mine. I'm going to send his wise words to a lot of my friends. Thank you, Patricia

Message received March 14, 2005

hello, just found your web-site and find it very interesting.
there was an article about Joe Flying Bye in a Time magazine I believe many years ago. I copied it down and had it on my refrigerator for many years and have some how lost it.
I miss having it because it was a way to live by. I don"t know if you can help me find a copy or not, but one of the thoughts in the article that he said was something like, "if you give a stranger on the street money that he asks for, do not worry that they will buy alcohol with it, because what you have done was from the heart and the Great one knows this". Any help would be appreciated. Frank Z.
*Note from webmaster: If anyone has a copy of this article or knows the date of the article we are interested in obtaining a copy for archival purposes as well as forward it to the above guest. Pilamaya
Original Time Magazine Article:
We have one chance. If you do good every day, you will go to the spirit world and see other good people on the other side. If not, you will not see them. There will be a scale in the spirit world. It's going to balance whatever you do. If you do a lot of good, it's going to weigh down the evil world. If the evil side is heavy, you're dead, you're done. There's no chance for you. You're only breath traveling on the wind.
In your life, you must have pity. There are many people on the street nowadays. They ask if you can spare this much. If you give, if you have charity, good thinking, you've done good. You don't have to worry that when they take it they go to the liquor store. That's not you. You did already good.
You have to kind of relax in this hurry life. Sit down for a while. Rest while you're thinking. This will give you time to see straight. 
Then you will get the idea what life is. You must tell your need in prayer, control your mind from thinking bad ideas and be in contact with the creator, Wakan Tanka. He'll uderstand what kind of person you are. Nobody around, but you say the word. He has ears that can hear you, long way off. We're like ants, far away. He look down.
In this modern time you have to do your best yourself. That's your answer to "What is life?" You can't depend on people to direct you. You must do it yourself. Your doing, your thinking. The answers to the meaning of life are inside you.
Joe Flying Bye
of the Standing Rock Reservation, South Dakota, a Lakota medicine man

Message received September 13, 2011

Pilamaya is the only real word I want to say to you. So far I have listen to each cd atleast a dozen times or more. Grandpa Joe was and still is a great teacher and inspiration. There are classrooms every where as he stated, I personally just can never stop my desire to learn and understand. 
Every time I listen to the cd's I pick something else up that I missed all the times before. This Friday I will be going to Sedona, Az to teach and pray. You will be in my prayers for what you are doing is great, please continue to keep the old ways alive. 
Last night we had a pipe ceremony at my home, and this time when the singers sang the Lakota songs I had a better understanding. 

Thanks and stay well,


Message received August 5, 2011

Thank-you for the new cd!! I really like them both. I saw on your website that you are making a 3rd one, if you email me when that is out i would love to order it. do you have any other cds or printed material available? i study both the Cherokee and Lakota Language as well as any tribal history of various tribes.
Nvwadohiya(healing peace) Wado(thank-you) Cheryl

Message received Juky 25, 2011

 Thank you for making available this wonderful experience of listening and learning, Joseph's voice is soothing and healing, I really love the CDs.

cheers and thanks again, Karen

Message received July 13, 2011

I found your site through a web search on Google - looking for Lakota Spiritual songs.I have a true yearning to know more about these songs and to learn them. Thanks for providing an avenue to do this !    Do you still have plans for more CD's in the future?Looking forward to receiving the order ... Debby

 Message received July 6, 2011

I appreciate your agency having information to help people learn about our Creator.  Love and compassion on your journey.  Linda

Message received June 16, 2011

Wow!  Thankyou so much!  This is fantastic, I can't wait to get started on these and thank you most sincerely for suggesting them - this is a great day!  

Thanks again !!


Message received March 10, 2011

I received my CD’s yesterday.  My Uncle had one of these recordings and recommended it to me.  He knows what he’s talking about on Lakota Pipe so I bought them.


Message 7 , 2011

Hi, I was checking out various sites on Native Americans, being an ardent believer and admirer of such a proud people and their struggle to keep their culture and dignity alive, that led me to Your's. Hopefullly this first purchase will enduce others in the future. Thanks and AHO!  ALLEN

Message received March 7, 2011

This site is great and very informative. Thank you. May you journey on the winds of the Great Spirit.


Message received December 10, 2010

I received your Cds very quickly and my son will be very happy!  They are a Christmas present for him. He is a student at the university there and is learning to speak the Dakota language.
Thanks so much!


Message received August 19, 2010

I was searching the internet for teachings about Chanupa and other Lakota teachings.  I found the teaching on You Tube.  Thank you and I look forward to the CD’s and the teachings contained within them. 


Message received August 17, 2010

I first saw Joseph Flying Bye CDs with material I recieved from Written Heritage and I have also seen his CDs at Prairie Edge.  After doing some 'poking around' I found your site. I have recieved the CDs and look forward to listening to them.

Thanks, so much!   Kay

 Message received August 19, 2010

I was able to attend a sweat lodge this weekend by a Lakota Sun Dancer and wanted to learn more about the Lakota ways. I found a video on UTube of Joseph Flying Bye and two other elders talking about the Lakota ways. I feel my spirit is very connected to the Lakota so when I found this CD I had to get it.  Thanks so much for putting this CD out there!
Oh! Mitakuye Oyasin!

Message Received July 13, 2010

I met Joe years ago in Little Eagle, and always wondered if there was a recording of any kind.
Best regards,

Message received June 3, 2010

I got the info for my order from Whispering Winds Magazine. 
Thanks for acknowledging. I am very excited about the recordings.


New York, NY

Message received April 7, 2010

I received the order today. Thanks. I found the site doing a web search for ceremonial songs and lyrics. My ancestry is Penobscot and I have little means to connect to that culture. I appreciate that you folks are there.


Austin, TX

Message received April 1, 2010

I saw your ad in "Whispering Wind" and it had your website listed.  Looking forward to the CD's. 


Marion, MD

Message received February 23, 2010

I saw that there is a booklet with some lyrics from your site.  I like that because I attend a sweat lodge where the leader sings traditional Lakota ceremonial songs and I want to learn the words, as well as, what they mean. I will be looking forward to receiving the CD's. Thanks,


Vernon, AZ

Message received September 9, 2009

Blessings to you all for offering these great recordings.


Message received July 19, 2009

i saw picture of joseph as i have seen him in a dream had to buy thanks
speedy delivery I am grateful for the Cd's many many thanks for putting Chief on record. Great guidance for my awakening
thank you thank you
Mitakuye Oyasin
Message received June 25, 2009
I found your site while doing an online search for pipe songs. I was gifted a pipe by someone who does pipe ceremony but he has never had time to spend with me on how to use it. I wanted to learn the songs because song really anchors things for me. Thank you so much for your service. I firmly believe the time of the pipe is now and the more people who carry and take part in pipe ceremonies the more they will be used by spirit to hold a peaceful and sacred space for others.
Message received June 8, 2009
I ordered one cassette and one cd.  My truck does not have a cd player and I wanted one for the road. 
Message received May 19, 2009

Thank you for the response, which was most unexpected but goes onto my list of “what I am grateful for today”. 


I join you in your prayer for the planet – it is so sad to see how people have become and the aggression they hold for no apparent reason.


All the Best,


South Africa


Message received December 19, 2008


I would like to extend warmest Xmas and New Year wishes for you and your family. I hope all has been well.
May the Sun keep warming your days
The Moon guiding your nightly path
The Stars protecting through ancient wisdom
And the Four Winds whispering the Songs of All Time. 

Kind Regards,


Message received July15, 2008

I had the pleasure of running into your site over a year ago. I bought both CD's. I have listened and enjoyed them both and have shared them with friends and family.
I wish more recording were done. We could learn so much from the elders..this needs to continue and expand so we don't lose the lakota language, culture , and stories.
Pilamaya na toksa ake.
Pte Sapa Win.

Message received June 30, 2008

 I have just received and listened to Mr. Flying Bye's recordings of "Friend, Do It This Way" and "The Night is Sacred." The recordings are priceless, and it is obvious that Mr. Flying Bye was a living treasure. Thank God for him, and thank you for making this precious gift available to us.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Branson, Missouri

Message received April 30, 2008

I am happy I found these songs, I live in sweden and have south American Indian blood in my soul, The Lakotas have always been near to me and I was deeply moved when I saw Kangi Ho Tanka-Joseph Flying Bye ,cause in a dream 5 years ago did I see a face that looked like his face.I need to visit very soon somewhere to connect with my roots and soul. I sing and I look forward to embrace these songs into my soul. 2005 did I meet in Assisi Duane Hollow Bear-rosebud lakota reservation. And soon will I meet here in sweden Tim Sikyea from the Native American Dene Nation of Canada who received his Medicine Name WANBLI ISNA-LA from the descendants of Sitting adopted him into the Hunkpapa-Lakota tribe. He is the one who brought Earth dance ceremony here to sweden they say. The time is now here for all who love Earth , I used not to want to live then love came from deep within and from spirit and now I live and assist youth. I see we all meet from far away place in strenght and union. HO MITAKUYE OYACIN Love Vera Sweden

Message received February 7, 2008

It is difficult to find teachings and songs sung by the elders who have 
brought this music down from our grandfathers. I have only listened to 
the sample tracks but have orders both cd's and am anticipating their 
arrival very much.

aho mitakuye oyasin


November 06, 2007 

I was searching for details describing the sacred pipe ceremony and stumbled onto Joseph Flying Bye. The internet recording played through my laptop as if he was in the room. Since the recordings have arrived I have listened to each CD four times beginning to end. Every time the teaching unfolds into a deeper meaning.





June 14, 2007

I found your site by searching for Lakota music.

I was really interested because the songs are being sung by a gentleman whose first language was 
Lakota. I also liked that he explains the importance of the songs.




June 06, 2007

I am looking forward to listening to Joseph Flying Bye and thank you for keeping the teachings and songs alive so others may continue to hear them.





February 28, 2007

Hau  I am Manny  Yaqui/Tarascan.  Thank you uncle for your lessons.  I dance in South Dakota every year .Tu`i

All My Relations


Message received January 27, 2006

I have been blessed with the recordings of Joseph Flying Bye.  He shows us the bridge between all the races if we are willing to open our minds and listen, for his words come from the Creator.   Along our journey on this earth walk, the Creator sprinkles us with bits of knowledge about himself, only when we are able to digest it.  Joseph has blessed many people with the insight God gave him.  Just as we have been blessed from his gift, we will proudly hand our gifts down the generations so that the young ones......(and older ones alike who do not yet possess this wisdom).....may be blessed as we are. 
Thanks You,
Mitakuye Oyasin,
Bobby Perkins

Message received January 15, 2006

I have always been interested and intrigued by Native
American peoples and enjoy learning about the many
customs and the history of the different groups.  I
wish I could trace my ancestry to a Native American
group; I would be honored to be a member of any of
the many tribes in the US.  (I at least work at a
university with an Indian name :-)   there is history
all around us with the Caddo Indians and the Ouachita
Indians in this area of southern Arkansas).
Thank you for the information provided at your site.
Dr. Nancy Hardman, CCC-SLP
Ouachita Baptist University
Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Message received January 14, 2006

I enjoyed coming to this site. I am 18 years old, and half Lakota, from somewhere around Pineridge. I will definetly come back to visit this site. I am having a very difficult time with things in my life right now, dealing and fighting with myself about both cultures I am from,  mainly just internal battles of guilt for forgetting Lakota, not being able to sing or dance, any of that. It's very hard, but coming to a page with teachings by such a wise man makes me think, "hey! maybe there's a way I can learn my culture I am so proud of someday".. gives me hope.. thank you.
-Christopher Tasunkawitko
(Seattle, Washington)

Message received January 11, 2006

Thanks for such a wonderful web site. Thanks for sharing the picture of a man that I came to know while I was on my LDS Mission on Standing Rock. The music is great, the memories of this Great Loving Holy Man are Great, no matter what Tribe we may be from the word and the music is all the same. I am part Cherokee and the ways of our people are not lost as I was told by this my Brother.
Troy Anderson

Message received January 2, 2006

Hau Kola,

I'm a Turk. I'm from another culture; our indigenous folks are on the other side of the globe but we have the same ways as the men like Flying Bye. I am aware that it's different now with the new generations in all Native communities, I don't want to bother mentioning them, have no connection there. There is no point  explaining how and why I got to know the Red Road and where I connect, lets just say I got my culture my Nation and we have pretty much the same ways and I'd like to keep it at that. There is not many learned elders around, especially not after the Soviets cleaned them out in my Nations original land; the few that are left the anthropolgists want to put behind a glass display in a museum. We also have a new wave of US and European missionaries with crosses, music and pictures of their god that they killed on a big wooden cross; they are trying to save us from a tornment  of a hell and claiming our elders are devils in human form. They already  did that once with theTzar, before Soviets saved  the folks from something they  said they got to save people from.  Everyone is saving the Turkic people, with, fines you  can repay only with jail, votka, toxic waste, assimilation, brainwashing, extermination. They'll save us alright in 2006. Before I end up saved like their kind is keeping Leonard Peltier saved, I am trying to learn something  good. It's good that there are valuable records like these; not just  for the red man but all the 4 types of man. The earth is not flat, it's not linear, we are all in a circle with all the 4 races together interacting with each other, a circle without a beginning and without an end. It makes sense to try learn something from these recordings.

To all the Niijiis involved Chi Migwetch. Central  Records de yuonihan pidamaya.

For the folks who don't understand I just thanked theOjibway folks involved and I said to Central Records it's an honor, thank you (Dakota dialect). I'm not trying to be a wiseguy, just being respectful. Thank you for your patience.

Pidamaya yelo

M Sonny Mercan


Message received August 9, 2005

I enjoyed my visit here . I thank Lakota Skies for the site.

Not many people know , but my 3 children are half Sioux.

My mother in law passed away before she could tell me whether they were Dakota, Nakota or Lakota.

So I just search and read and share with them,

this is the second time I have been back

and plan on coming back.


May you have a blessed day.



Message received July 29. 2005


Thank you very much.

Prayers & blessing to all of you..

Heartlight and deep respect from:

Olav R Husby "Eagle-Eye" living in Norway


Message received July 28, 2005

I am pleased and honored that I found your site.

I am and always was interested in Native American History.

More so now. I have been blessed in meeting 2 Lakota Natives.

Both are ancestors of Red Feather.

Lakota Skies and her cousin, Warrior Wolf.


Your site has helped me understand a lot, and I enjoyed it

very much and will be back.


Thank you for all the knowledge you shared




Message received July 25, 2005

Hau Kola,

I have both "Friend, Do It This Way', and 'The Night is Sacred'.  I look forward to listening to them in detail, but have listened while doing other tasks.  It is good that Joseph Flying Bye was able to work with Center Records to record these teachings, and Joseph's views.  I would caution listeners to remember that the spiritual teachings that are provided are part of a Living Tradition, and thus you will not find some relic of the 'Old West', or unchanged Lakota path.  What is provided is the sacred views of a loving, and wise Lakota Holy Man.  These teachings were shaped by his life experiences as a Lakota, veteran, father, and elder of his nation in 20th Century America.  Most of Joseph's thoughts and views are expressed in his second recording called 'Friend Do It This Way'.  I would like to thank Center Records for making these recordings available to the general public, and I would like to thank Joseph Flying Bye's family as well.  

Pilamaya yelo,



Message received July 4, 2005

Wonderful site! Thank you for sharing!
I hope this is close to correct:
Cheek se ya Akicita wakan takan kici un
I remember you Veterans may God bless you


Message received May 20, 2005

Hau Kola,

I bought this cd and it is the best I ever heard, I use the songs in our cannupa ceremonies, and it has brought honor to my ancestors that we sing these songs to our little ones. When the words of Wisdom and songs sung, One will see Respect, Honor, and gratitude, and then they will see change.

Pilamaya yelo,

Lenard Strong Beaver

Message received April 28, 2005

Hau Kola; I Am now on the roll with the Potawatomi nation which has been kept from me for 40 years. I have a lot of catching up as well as getting ready to recieved my sacred name. I have been helping a friend through his sun dance. These great times for our peaple to follow the red road. Thank you for a great site. Robb Hand

Message received April 25, 2005

thanks to josephs family for sharing his songs and the songs the creator gave him all songs on this cd touched me and we sing these songs at the medicine wheel in missisn bc canada in ceremonies thanks to all and good to see lakota and dakota and nakoda still kicking in this cruel world check out powwow bc .com to see powwow in canada u all click on groups then powwowbc.groups glen fine day is the manager mitakuye oyasin  dakota yellow tail hawk

Message received April 17, 2005

I was please to find this site and thank you for it..I am part Lacota/choctaw/cherokee and white..and very pale skinned.But it is all right because my heart is Indian.I want to tell you about something that happened to me about a year ago.It was a low point in my life. Everything seemed to being going wrong in my life.Well I was driving down the road and I saw a white wolf in front of me. I thought no this can't be I live where there are no wolves any more. then the next night this same wolf showed me herself again.After this I knew that she showed herself for a reason and not long after things started getting better and I started listening to things around me instead of the people around me. My life is now better and I am learning about the Indian way of life. I truly love the People.I cry at the struggles they have had to go through just to stay alive.How the white man destoyed a great nation.It still makes me cry.

Lil bird broken


Message received March 14, 2005

hello, just found your web-site and find it very interesting.
there was an article about Joe Flying Bye in a Time magazine I believe many years ago. I copied it down and had it on my refrigerator for many years and have some how lost it.
I miss having it because it was a way to live by. I don"t know if you can help me find a copy or not, but one of the thoughts in the article that he said was something like, "if you give a stranger on the street money that he asks for, do not worry that they will buy alcohol with it, because what you have done was from the heart and the Great one knows this". Any help would be appreciated. Frank Z.
*Note from webmaster: If anyone has a copy of this article or knows the date of the article we are interested in obtaining a copy for archival purposes as well as forward it to the above guest. Pilamaya

Message received March 7, 2005

Hi, my name is Nineveh Miriam Daniel from Melbourne,



I would like to thank Center Records for bringing such

a great being into my home.


From a very young age I've been inspired by the Native

American way. Although your plight has filled me with

such sadness, your spirituality has awakened something

deep inside of me. I've always known there to be

something very special and different about you.


With all the injustice past and present, I feel deeply

and am inspired by your ability to share your

knowledge. I am forever grateful to you.


I pray for all Native Americans, and that your

teachings will continue to strengthen, spread and to

be of benefit to all beings.


Mitakuye Oyasin

Nineveh Daniel

Message received March 6, 2005

Hello All,

    I have written before and have this site in my favorite places.  It is Sunday morning and I visited the site again today, read more about Joseph and wanted to send a thanks out into the universe. I have and continue to study all that I can to learn the language and am so thankful that these recordings exist. Here in Dallas Texas, I do not find many opportunities to speak or hear Lakota, as you can Imagine :) My roomate is now interested in learning so this will help. Prayers to all on this good day.

Liza Scott


Message received February 5, 2005

My name is michael born this time with white skin, I have been Sweating for over 23 years.Many years ago I talked with a Pueblo Medicin man Grey Antalope, I called him Grandfather he called me brother, I told him of a some words I hear inside of me. He told me perhaps I need to sweat with some one. I fanally met someone who knew these words.
I have been seeing these words I hear inside of me reciently on a web sight I listen to. Tonight I decided to search on the web for their meaning, I found this sight and another, the words I hear ar Mitakuya Oyasin ( I live in harmony with all my relations). I am truly greatfull to the Creator for all that is, as I try to live these words. michael-(kessa)

Message received December 22, 2004

I have always been interested in my heritage and though there is a small percent of Lakota blood in me on paper, I feel there is 100 percent in micante. I have been working hard at learning the language, but it is hard because I dont have anyone here in Dallas Texas to speak it with. I happened across this website and thought I would pay my repects to this good man who took the time to record these songs. Were it not for he and those like him, these songs and this language could have been lost. Love to all this holiday season.

Wopila Tanka
Liza Scott
Tate ohanwaste win


Message received November 18, 2004

Hello all.  I was born part native American-I believe it is Comanche.  I live in Oklahoma but sure have been getting curious about my heritage lately.  I've been reading a lot of native American books.  There is one author I really like, her name is Karen Kay and she is Lakota Sioux.  We have really had good conversations lately.  I'd say we have become friends. 

I like your site and will be back to it also.  Thank you for your site.  I don't have a native american name, but sure would like one.  My name is Debbie Epperson.  Thank you.

Message received August 13, 2004

Thanks for the site, my little grandson was lead to it tonight by the same power that saved my life years ago. I was ready to end my depression and life when I passed out. During the sleep I was visited in a dream by a Native American along the creek and he handed me a medicine wheel penant. The same man who befriended my brother and I on a family trip in our youth. When I woke up it was my goal to find out who the man was. In my quest I read all I could about Native American spirituality.  Black Elk speaks, and from then on all about Nick Blackelk and his books. Years later I found a picture of my brother and I with this man. And a year later I was belittled to find out the man I knew as a friend and who saved me in my dream was the son of  the holyman Blackelk.  I since have walked the sacred sights, Bear butte, Medicine wheel, Pipestone, and others offered smoke, prayers and thanks and have found now my blood runs white, but my heart is RED.                 
 Vic in Iowa   

Message received July 27, 2004

Hau Kola,
I am white but have dreamed of the Native Peoples all of my life.
I have no idea how I got this site but believe that Wakan Tonka helped .  I study and read many things about the past and my heart is saddened for what has been done to all aboriginal peoples by Europeans past and whites present.  I signed the petition SAVE BEAR BUTTE as did my white friends.  I am called walking Buffalo Spirit because of my beliefs and that I raise Bison here in Michigan.  I now it sounds empty coming from a descendent of the slaughterers but I wish it had not happened.
I will continue to pray to the Great Spirit and try at least to live my life as a good son on the red road as I understand it.
Mitakuya Oyasin
Al Ross

Message received July 1, 2004

Dear friends
A long time now have I tried to be in contact with the people. I come from a people whose connection with the past has practically vanished and only small bits and pieces of information remain and these I treasure very much. I can relate to your story with the ongoing difficulties of maintaining traditions and memories. Even now as I try to ask questions and investigate what was true, I am met with ridicule, avoidance and outright lies. Much has been lost and really the western/european powers have much to answer for in this regard. Also our people have become complacent and have accepted the modern man way of living
I look to you for inspiration and share in your struggle.
May the Great Spirit watch over us, give us strength as we prepare for the time coming when this world returns to what it is meant to be.
tasmania - australia

Message received June 9, 2004


My name is Isabelle Théliol and I live in France. Excuse me, I don't speak very well english, but i would like to say you all my thanks, respect, my love and my support for all the Native American and your culture. I prepare a trip in South and North Dakotas for september 2004, because I have dreams about Bear Butte, the Blacks Hills and your people...  and it'll be a great honor for me to walk on Blessing Earth of the Lakota for pray and honor your people ... I hope can meet your people... 

Peace, Love and Harmony for all People and the Rainbow Planet    

Message received April 9, 2004

this is a wonderful web page   thankyou for making the music available to all

Message received February 26, 2004

Hau kola,
My name is Matt Noteboom. I would just like to say pila maya yelo. I think it is great that someone had the forethought to get the wats of our elders down for all peoples to learn and grow from. I am part Lakota myself and am constantly looking for ways to expand my knowledge of my people and I think this is fantastic to be able to learn from such a great man. While I never got to meet Joseph Flying Bye I know he would have been someone geat to learn from and talk to. Thanks again for the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the ways and customs of my people. I will do my best to use these tapes in the honorable manner for which they were intended.
                                                       Mitakuye oyasin,

Message received January 6, 2004

Hau Kola,

My name is Teff, Buffalo Spirit. I was born and raised in Germany but moved to turtle island a couple of years ago. There, Great Spirit guided me to meet Chief Dale Strong Bull and his wonderful wife Betty Red Earth Woman. They took me under their wings and guided me to walk my first steps on the Red Road. I found what I was looking for all my life. It changed (and is still changing) my life completely. To walk this path is the most valuable gift I ever received.

Unfortunately I never met Joseph Flying Bye, but I learned to have the highest respect to the elder of this great first Nation of Turtle Island.

I'm very grateful that his family is willing to share his teachings with us and I hope that his words are spreading wide and fast.

Let me use the opportunity to bring your attention to a horrible crime that is ongoing while you read this note. In Yellowstone, every winter our brothers the sacred Buffalo are slaughtered by the hundreds by the Montana Department of Lifestock when they leave the park for food (the last free roaming herd in the US). Please have a moment and visit Maybe you agree that this is a horrible crime to our brothers that need to be stopped.

May the spirits of the four winds blow peace and harmony on your lodge, always.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Tatanka Wanagi (Buffalo Spirit)


Message received November 27, 2003

My name is Marina and I write from Italy. Here, in my land, there are a lot of people that love the American Native's culture and a lot of him spent our time to help and preserveted our culture. I don't know well english language..I hope you understand me and my great love for American Native and his history. It is my first time I write in this guestbook and is'nt no simple after I have seen who write inside...It's a great honor to know the history of Joseph Flying Bye, a traditional man also "wakan" man...In Hopening visit your lands.... I'll prayer for all of you.
Via Giuseppe D'Avarna, 23
00151 Roma

Message received October 2, 2003

Ahou kola   I am called Four Feathers. I was born at Rosebud Reservation just after WWII and lived there eleven years. I returned in the mid eighties and found many changes.  I met Joseph while sipping coffee at the side of the road. He told me many things about myself and helped me to remember my fathers teachings. We met many times during my long visit, and he told me many stories that I will remember forever, that led me back to the Sacred Path. He said "Call me Tunkasila" (Grandfather). Today I visited your web site. Today I learned his real name. I will continue to miss him...
 Walt Soldani
 (nee Walt Redhand)
 Elmendorf Tx

Message received September 14, 2003

I am a traveler on the Red Road , my grandmother was Yakima and I am very proud to have those roots. All the records that were available have perished with my grandfather many years ago but in my heart I know my path and with the help of a Ojibway medicine woman I have learned much. I am now a being of two places because of my passing over to the other side I look for more teaching that is how I arrived at this site I have enjoyed my visit It is time for my story telling and I have someone waiting to hear my story of old.

May the Great Spirit always be with you.

 Respectfully, Richard


Message received May 23, 2003

Guest book sign in:



Message received March 21, 2003

Hau Kola , Thank YOU For the wonderful sample of your c.d., dashea


Message received March 2, 2003

Hau Koda, I thought that you may be interested in a travesty (shooting range/resort) that is happening at Bear Butte, our most sacred site.  Information is on a web page we have made to alert people to thisissue. It is at: SAVE BEAR BUTTE

Please take a look and maybe sign the petition that has been set up. All details are on the page. Word needs to get out about this.


Mitakuye Oyasin

Chuck Derby (Running Elk)

Pipestone, MN


Message received February 26, 2003

On June 26, 1999, at the end of the 25th Aniversary IITC conference at Bear Butte, Joe prayed the wishes of the participants would be answered and the children would put away the paper and pencil and learn from the rocks, trees, and animals of the Black Hills. The PRI Zapatista congressman Marcelino Diaz de Jesus and medicineman Narcisso were there. June 26, 2000 was the fourth day of his spirit on earth. By then the Chiapas war was winding down and eventually Fox replaced Zedillo. I believe Joe had something to do with helping the Mayans. He met my adopted Mayan madre Enriquetta Contreras from Oaxaca.
 Wopila Tanka Kangi Ho Tanka
 from grandson
Leland Little Dog.


Message received February 17, 2003

With out our elders we would not have this peace today.We pray for those who defend this part of Turtlel IIs ,All of mitakoysin, So that No Lives be lost. Pray for ancestors recent & past .Teach the child so that our ways stay strong.To the four directions Grandmother earth, Water ,sky ,Grandmother moon & all of creation's creatures.
Marjorie E of Ojibway-Pottowami,EAGLE CLAN


Message received December 6, 2002

I am excited to finally find this CD, as I was told it was in the works. My family met Joe at the Fort Peck Res. two years before he left on the spirit trail. He was a most wise and spiritual soul. He welcomed us with open arms and so many wonderful stories. One thing sticks out from all of that wonderful visit....Joe was worried about who would take care of his people when he was gone...we will Joe....I feel very blessed to have met you.

Marilyn Weaver, Hampton,GA


Message received September 4, 2002

The CD arrived in great shape yesterday afternoon. I am in awe......Joseph Flying Bye is truly wicahcala (please forgive me if I have erred in understanding the meaning of this term but I hope it expresses what I feel from Joseph Flying Bye's spirit...his spirit is that of a precious, real man, who has achieved wisdom and honored the People by living the Lakota philosophy and spirituality). I am of mixed blood, who since very young has been drawn mystically to the old ways...even now I prefer not to ask why or how but only to give humble thanks for this blessing. Lately as I close my 52nd year, my yearning to learn and practice more of the old ways has taken over as my guide and purpose. I thank Grandfather Spirit that you have been able to make this historical and sacred recording available. May your blessings be many.
Mitakuye Oyasin,
tkx, wes

Message received August 16, 2002

I had began the road of preparing for my granddaughter's walk into womanhood. I knew this would take a while for me since I know so little. I want to do the ceremony for her traditionally but I know very little about the sacred pipe. I do know that I need to know everything I can to honor  something so sacred. At times I get confused but I try to follow my heart, and in doing so I found Joseph Flying Bye's CD and the book Sacred Pipe (Black Elk). I have a few years and I hope that by then I will be able to honor her in this way. You have begun to make that possible for me. These songs I have not heard from some who carry a sacred pipe. All I knew is that there had to be more than what I had been seeing. My granddaughter will be 5 and so many have prayed for her and the Great Spirit has heard.

Thank you for letting the old tradition carry through on tape because people like me find it almost impossible to find someone who can teach me on a regular basis. I was told along time ago that I would walk this path with the spirits and the things I learn are from those I run into, find along the way or are brought to me through dreams. I do not know if I believe that but so far, she has not been wrong.

Linda Bennett, Des Moines, Iowa 

Message received July 21, 2002

While in South Dakota in June, 2002, I purchased Joseph Flying Bye's cd The
Night is Sacred. I have shed many heartfelt tears while listening to this
recording. I only wish I could have met him before he passed over.
This recording touched my heart profoundly and I thank those who made it
possible for me to hear it.
I understand the songs and the pipe in a much more profound way now.
Mitakuye Oyasin, Diana Walton

Message received June 26,2002

My name is Kendrijs Van-Rijn and I live in London, United Kingdom.
I would just like to say thank you to all the Native American People for the beautiful literature and music that I have from them and for all that I will obtain in the future.
May the Great Spirit guard and guide us all.

Message received June 26,2002

Glad to see the history is being kept alive! The Native American spirituality is slipping away...and we should all learn it's valuable lessons and teachings.

Molly and Dave
Seattle, Washington

Message received May 5, 2002
I am called "Little Dove." I want to tell you how much I enjoy coming to your sight. I want to learn all I can 
about my people. It is truly a blessing to me and I love it. Thank you my friend.
Carolyn Ann,
Friendship, Tennessee

Message received March 27, 2002
I'm pleased to see that our elders are taking a "modern approach" in
teaching the culture to ensure that it is preserved for our future
generations. Joe Flying Bye was adopted into my family many years ago. He blessed our lives with his wisdom, humor, and prayers. He was an extraordinary man.
Marcia Half, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation

Message received March 15, 2002
Greetings from Germany
I find your Home Page interesting, I am interested in the Indian culture.
Peter Tondock

Message received December 16,2001
I am honored to hear that our elders are taking an active role in teaching the sacred songs. I am Ojibwe (adopted) and carry a pipe for the people. I have had great priveledge to learn and study with Dakota and Lakota Elders. The sacred prayer songs for the pipe are by far the most moving prayers for me. Again many thanks.

Message received December 10, 2001
Dear Center records,
I just got my tape that I ordered last week. Your service could not possibly 
have been any better. I am impressed and grateful. 
Thank you,
Andrea - Pendleton,IN 

Message received August 30, 2001
Hau Kola,

My name is Michael Coles.I live in Maldon,a small town of about
2000 in Central Victoria,Australia.I have met and spoken with Archie Fire
Lame Deer and Eagle Man( Ed McGaa) .That was some time ago When they were in Australia.
I thank you for your Web Page ,it made my heart feel full to
read it. I try to make contact now and then but have to rely on time with
the community computer.
I have been trying to collect ceremonial songs so that our
Sweat Lodge ceremony can be even more powerful and so the songs will
continue to live. Thank you again,
Ake wacinyankinkte ,WakanTanka nici un.
I hope I got it right.Blessings.

Message received July 27, 2001
When I think of Grandfather Joe my heart swells and tears flow. I met
him and the tiospeye, family, in 1992 as I was warmly welcomed into
their homes and lives. My family was blessed to have made contact with
them as well. I am grateful for the gifts that the Flying Bye family and my own, have
been able to share. I know that Grandfather Joe wanted to share his
wisdom with all relatives of all Nations and pray that many are able to
glean from this wonderful recording. The magic of his ways and voice is
very captivating. I send prayers for the Flying Bye family and his
extended family of Little Eagle, South Dakota, as well as the many
relitives around the world that Grandfather Joe has touched. May we all
walk in Beauty. Shayna DeArmon, Cottonwood, AZ.

Message received July 26, 2001
It was an honor to have met and participated in ceremony with grandpa
Joe. Even though I am from the Ojibwe Nation, I felt blessed by the
things we shared from our respective nations. I have some funny stories
and had some very powerful experiences as a result of the time we spent
together. Although the days can be counted on one hand, none the less,
they continue to impact me in my journey on this earth plane. Grandpa
Joe, as he requested me to call him, will be remembered and his teaching
held within the sacred circle. When we drove him home to Little Eagle,
which was the last time I was in his physical presence, I remember the
twinkle in his eye and the chuckle of a shared joke.
His gently and kind manner will be carried in memory and stories shared
with my grand daughters.
Chi- Mii-gwetch
Shannon CrossBear

Message received June 27, 2001
I have relatives at Standing Rock and am a Sun Dancer there. I spoke to 
Grampa Joe about 2 days before he passed over last summer. That particular 
Sun Dance was run by him up until that time.
Thanks to you guys for helping keep his spirit alive, and especially for 
helping keep his songs around for the younger ones and those of us trying to 
rebuild traditional lives.


Message received May 30, 2001
May peace and joy come to all who walk the good road. Even if I know you not, I send out this blessing to you because we are all brothers of one another. I honor all who teach the way of the spirit, and I thank you. Take courage, Life awaits you.
Agnes Knight

Message received March 18, 2001.
ah ho honored elder. Just to let you know I honor you as an elder who has earned the honor you receive today. I am a full breed native, who loves to know traditional ways. I practice my culture in song and dance, both tribal and family. Just wanted to acknowledge you and tell you that I love you as a fellow native. Keep up the great work of honoring your culture and way of life. Today I can find happiness in my life no matter where I go.

Greetings, I have ordered other cd's in the past and appreciate learning some of the Lakota teachings. Lisa :)

                 Standing Rock Reservation, South Dakota


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