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A listing of Lakota web pages including Native American Indian songs of the cannunpa or sacred pipe ceremony, pipe makers, Lakota culture and spirituality, radio stations, native news and gift shops.

Songs of the Sacred Pipe

Lakota Ceremonial Pipe Songs or cannupa olowan by a respected Lakota elder and holy man from the Hunkpapa tribe of the Lakota Sioux Nation. Joseph Flying Bye recorded songs and teachings of the sacred pipe ceremony brought to the people through the Buffalo Nation.

Two recordings are currently available:

The Night is Sacred - Hanhepi Kin Le Wankan Yelo

Friend Do It This Way - Kola Lecel Lecun Yo

Please visit our friends at:

Standing Rock Reservation  Home to Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotake), Joseph Flying Bye (Kangi Ho Tanka), Leo Kills Pretty Enemy (Hosikahipi), Wi Hanble (Sun Dreamer), Gall, American Horse, and many other great Lakota / Sioux leaders. Canku Ota (Many Paths) An online newsletter with interesting articles on Native Peoples across the Americas. Great for school aged children through adults. Lakota na Dakota Wowapi Oti Kin - Lakota Dakota Information Home Page Whispering Wind Magazine - American Indian: Past and Present, A Bi-Monthly Magazine of Crafts, Culture, Powwows and History

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Native Languages of the Americas a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting indigenous American languages.

AIROS.ORG - American Indian Radio on Satellite
A service of Native American Public Telecommunications, listen to audio, watch videos, and read Indian news. 

Native American Images - A web "magazine" devoted to the images of Native American People, Places and Land.
Our thanks go out to Joe Zeller at Native American Images for a first class link to our site complete with a sound clip from "The Night is Sacred".

Native Culture.Com

Lakota - Culture & Spirituality

KNBA 90.3 FM - Native radio station located in an urban market.

Native Web - Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World

American - This Day in North American Indian History Your Native American Online Resource

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