The Longfellow 3


The Longfellow 3 - Linger Longer
The Longfellow 3 - Linger Longer
At Center Records our recording staff are also musicians. The Longfellow 3 is a Minneapolis band comprised of Bob Doe (guitar, bass and vocals), Bob "Ted Bob" Galetka (guitar, bass and vocals) and Chris Geller (drums and vocals). Having their roots in the mid to late '80s Minneapolis alternative/garage rock scene, The Longfellow 3 pulls together influences of that period mixed with their own observances of life, relationships, humor and joy of music. This collection of songs titled Linger Longer, were written over a five year period, most of which were written at Center Records - Studio A, located in the Longfellow/Nokomis neighborhood in South Minneapolis. Final tracks and production were recorded and mastered at Wild Sound Studio in Northeast Minneapolis by Matthew Zimmerman and Gerard Boissy.

Previous bands that you may have seen these musicians in include: The Center, Bed of Nails. Judy Garland's Ghost, The Urge (Eau Claire, WI), Kid Keep'r, Metric Soul, The Times, amongst others.

Currently Bob Doe also plays guitar in the bluegrass band, Tres Moto, Bob "Ted Bob" Galetka also plays guitar in the rock band The Unexpected and Chris Geller also plays rugboard in the cajun/zydeco band The Faux Playboys. The Longfellow 3 have currently drafted Ted Bob's brother Jerry Galetka (formerly of Crazy Train, Party Boy and Milkman Daddy) as the fourth member of the band to play bass and share backup harmonies. Upcoming shows and a CD release party are being planned at this time.

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The Longfellow 3 Linger Longer
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The Longfellow 3 - Linger Longer CD Cover
The Longfellow 3 - Linger Longer CD Cover
Bob Doe, Chris Geller and Ted Bob Galetka
The Longfellow 3 Linger Longer
CD Liner Photo - Nod to our Twin City predecessors


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